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 How to post/reply

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PostSubject: How to post/reply   Thu Mar 24, 2016 3:59 pm

You might be wondering how to post to the forums, right? Or how to reply to it?

Its hard to notice, but its actually quite simple.

So like you normally would, you click on the topics. For this I clicked on Vocaloid.
You'll see two stars. One at the top right, and one at the bottom right.

All you have to do is click them, and you'll be taken to where you'd write your post. Customize it to your liking, preview it to make sure you like it, then post it!

For replying, you'll see these little guys beside the stars. You click on them to reply, or, you can scroll down and use the quick reply!

Have fun posting!

(Remember, you can customize it! Change the color, font, text size, or even add a photo and a video if you want to. Its up to you!)
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How to post/reply
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